Water Filtration Install

Water Softener Installation & Replacements

Water softeners average life span is 10 – 15 years, but as time passes components will break or burn out and before long your water heater isn’t working.   If you notice the soap not lathering up in the shower like it used too, or crusty build-up forming around the faucet, or the laundry is stiffer than normal it’s time to replace the water softener. Superior Plumbing can test your homes water hardness and provide the best options for your current situation.

water filtration system installation

Water Filtration Systems

Superior Plumbing also installs water filtration systems for your home so you’re guaranteed the best provided water for your family. Water filtration systems remove bacteria and chlorine as well as odors that damage our water. Having healthy purified water reduces many health risks and promotes a healthier lifestyle by helping with losing weight, reducing headaches, and is crucial for newborns developing immune systems.   Contact Superior Plumbing and let’s bring healthier, safer water to your household.