Save Money on your Water Bill in San Jose

5 Ways to Save Money on Your Cupertino Home Water Bill This Summer

While the San Jose Bay Area is currently drought-free, you still do your part as a home or business owner by conserving water. Our plumbers at Superior Plumbing recommended some water-saving methods. Find out how to lower your water bill and protect your Cupertino plumbing system below.

#1 Update Cupertino Plumbing Fixtures

Whether you need a new water heater or updated commercial plumbing materials, you can save money long term by replacing outdated fixtures. Many modern fixtures feature automated technology, including:

New sinks, showers, and toilets won’t develop sneaky leaks. A San Jose plumbing service will help with replacements and installations.

#2 Schedule Maintenance with a Cupertino Plumber

All homes and businesses need annual plumbing maintenance to identify hidden repair needs, poor performance, and leak concerns. When you search for a “plumber near me,” choose a company that provides camera inspections. During the appointment, they evaluate your Cupertino plumbing system and inform you about upcoming service needs.

A plumbing company provides quality work on the following services:

  • Zero-dig pipe restoration for damaged pipes
  • Drain cleaning services
  • Sewer line cleaning, and hydro jetting for nasty, stubborn clogs
  • Excavation-free sewer line installation

Many plumbers give customers free estimates on the listed repairs. This allows customers to plan ahead for the services instead of being caught off guard by property damage, sky-high water bills, and other costly surprises.

#3 Use and Waste Less Water

As a property owner, reduce summer water usage with:

  • Short showers
  • Less water for each bath
  • Filling your dishwasher and not washing dishes by hand
  • Watering plants with leftover sink or tub water
  • Covering your swimming pool in between dips

These practices limit your Cupertino plumbing system’s water waste.

#4 Collect Rainwater

Many home and business owners rely on their sprinkler system to handle the job of watering lawns and foliage. While these habits keep your lawn green, they also waste tons of water. Place rain barrels sporadically throughout your yard to collect and conserve water while gardening.

You will lower your outdoor water cost while giving your beloved landscape the fresh, natural water it craves. You can also review how much your water bill increases when you water with barrels instead of your sprinkler system. Then, lessen your irrigation usage with the following tips:

  • Only use it on sunny, cloudless days.
  • Take five to ten minutes off each watering session.
  • Schedule an installation job for quality sprinkler automation to fit your Cupertino plumbing system.

#5 Request Emergency Services Whenever You Find Leaks

Don’t wait to schedule an emergency plumber with stellar reviews after discovering a leak in your Cupertino plumbing system. San Jose temperatures don’t cause frozen pipes but leaks still occur. Contact a plumbing company for emergency leak repair to fix the problem.

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