Tankless Water Heaters in San Jose, CA

Having a constant supply of hot water coming into a home was once considered a luxury. Most people had to heat water on a stove or over a fire and carry it to where it was needed. It was a drawn-out, labor-intensive process. 


Traditional tank water heaters eventually came into play. Though they’re still widely used, they’re not necessarily the most effective or efficient options. Tankless water heaters in San Jose, CA are quickly gaining steam.


Superior Plumbing is here to help you take full advantage of tankless water heaters. We offer a complete lineup of services, including tankless water heater installation, repairs, and maintenance. Our highly trained and experienced plumbing technicians stand ready to serve you. Call us or fill out the form on our website to schedule a service appointment, and let us show you why we’re the leading local experts on tankless water heaters in San Jose, CA.


What Benefits Do Tankless Water Heaters in San Jose, CA Have to Offer?


No doubt, before investing in tankless water heater installation, you want to know if that’s the best solution for your family. With that in mind, we’ll explore some of the tankless water heater pros and cons to help you decide. Consider the following reasons these water heaters are so popular. 


  • On-Demand Hot Water – One of the main advantages of tankless hot water heaters is having hot water on demand. They heat water as it flows through them, so they can potentially provide an endless supply of hot water for bathing, doing laundry, washing dishes, and other purposes.


  • Increased Efficiency – Tankless water heaters in San Jose, CA are also more efficient than conventional models. That efficiency varies depending on the amount of hot water your family uses and the number of inline water heaters you have installed. Still, it can range from 8 to 35 percent greater efficiency than traditional water heaters. 


  • Smaller Profile – Additionally, tankless water heaters have smaller profiles. That means they take up less space. They’re also a bit more visually appealing than their counterparts. 


On top of those factors, tankless water heaters can save you money over time. Their improved efficiency means you’ll use less energy for heating water. Maintenance is also an aspect to think about. When looking at tankless water heaters vs. tanked models, the former tends to require less maintenance. That’s another way they can help you save money.


Exploring the Downsides of Tankless Water Heaters


When comparing tankless water heater pros and cons, it’s important to look at both sides of the story. Despite their many benefits, they do have a few drawbacks. For one, they require more of an upfront investment than conventional water heaters. Tankless water heater installation can cost more as well. 


Furthermore, tankless water heaters may struggle to keep up with the hot water demands of some households. If your family uses more water than the average household, you may need to have more than one tankless water heater installed. That’ll cost more initially, but you’ll still see savings in the long run.


Which Type of Tankless Water Heater in San Jose, CA Is Best?


Now, let’s take a look at the different types of tankless water heaters. They’re available in electric and gas versions. Tankless electric water heaters are often less expensive than gas models. They’re recommended for homes with relatively low hot water demands. If your home isn’t currently equipped with other gas appliances, a tankless electric water heater may be the best and most affordable option as well.


That being said, tankless gas water heaters generally have higher capacities than electric models. That means they can heat more gallons of water per minute, so they can keep up with higher hot water demands. They can be more efficient than electric models as well. Tankless gas water heaters can use either natural gas or propane. If you’re already using either of those fuel sources in your home, a plumber in San Jose can tap into it and install a gas tankless water heater for you.


Our Tankless Water Heater Services


At Superior Plumbing, we’re here to meet all your tankless water heater needs. We can help you compare tankless water heaters vs. tank models to determine which one would best serve your family. We can also help you choose which size and variety of tankless model you need. 


Our team likewise provides expert tankless water heater installation services. We’ll make sure your new water heater is working perfectly right from the start. We offer tankless water heater maintenance as well. Having your water heater serviced annually is the key to sustaining its efficiency and effectiveness while ensuring it lasts as long as possible.


Tankless water heater maintenance will help to reduce malfunctions over time. You may still find that the need for tankless water heater repairs arises from time to time, though. When it does, our plumbing technicians will be here to handle the problem. We’re always on hand to make sure your supply of hot water never ceases. 


Unequaled Plumbing Services for San Jose Homeowners


Tankless water heaters are becoming more popular with each passing year and with good reason. They offer several benefits when compared to conventional tank water heaters. Of course, as qualified and experienced plumbers in San Jose, we can help you make the most of a tankless water heater. 


From consultations and installation services to tankless water heater repairs, we cover all your needs. Contact us, and let us bring you into the new era of on-demand hot water.