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Water Heaters

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Do you run out of hot water quickly? Does it take too long to get hot water to the faucets? Or is your water heater leaking?  We offer a full range of services from repairs to complete unit replacements.

Gas Lines

Plumbing Services

Do you smell gas? Was the gas meter turned off by the gas company due to a possible leak? Looking to add an additional line to a new appliance?  Let us know and we can help.

Plumbing Repairs

Plumbing Services

Have a leaking pipe or faucet? Maybe a garbage disposal that is not working? Our experts can diagnose and repair those issues quickly for you.

Camera Inspection

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Video camera inspections pinpoint the trouble spot and usually helps confirm the cause of the underlying problem by looking inside of your plumbing lines to see the early warning signs.


Hydro pressure installation

Once a plumbing line clogs, it will clog again.  Return your plumbing to its maximum performance.  High pressure water jettings will blast all grease and sludge build-up. Let us clean the pipes once and for all.

Drain Cleanings

Bay Area Plumbing Services

All plumbing systems develop clogs over time. Our technicians have the expertise and carry all the proper tools to assist you by restoring proper flow to all your plumbing lines.  We provide trench-less sewer pipe replacement and will provide you with tips to avoid issues in the future.

Whole House Re-piping

A complete re-pipe would restore your water pressure and avoid leaks that could potentially damage your property and even produce mold in your walls.  Give us a call today and we will show you options and different types of material that can be used in your home.  If your house was built in the 80’s it is most likely time to have your house re-piped.

Campbell Plumbing Services

Backflow Testing & Repair

Superior Plumbing is now certified by the State of California to perform “backflow testing” and the repairs of backflow systems.  We are currently servicing the greater bay area of California.  Contact Us today to see how we can help.

Backflow Plumbing Services