Plumbing Tips To Keep Your Home Running Smoothly

10 Summer Plumbing Tips To Keep Your Home Running Smoothly

Have you used these 10 summer plumbing tips to protect your water and sewer lines? Superior Plumbing lists some to-dos you should handle before going on summer vacation.

#1 Test Your Sump Pump

Inspect and run your sump pump before summer storms arrive. Power it up and pour a bucket of water over it. The pump should quickly redirect the water out of the area.

#2 Use the Garbage Disposal as Intended

Search for a “plumber near me” to inspect your garbage disposal. It should only grind up small, soft food particles occasionally.

#3 Check Your Household Water Pressure Regulator

This device should read between 40 and 45 PSI. Adjust it if needed. A high-pressure water supply causes pipe bursting fiascos when you least expect them.

#4 Inspect Your Hot Water Heater Tank

Check for:

  • Rusty patches
  • Tank punctures
  • Loose or damaged components
  • Appropriate water temperatures

A plumber should examine water heaters with fluctuating temperatures or visible damage.

#5 Pump Your Full Septic Tank 

The last thing you want to discover is a surprise mess caused by a clogged septic or sewage system. Maintenance visits every other year can determine whether you need:

You can resolve some issues without excavation through zero-dig pipe restoration.

#6 Check Your Plumbing Fixtures and Appliances

Inspect the following fixtures and appliances for visual signs of wear, tear, or leakage:

  • Washing machines
  • Dishwashers
  • Sinks
  • Tubs
  • Showers
  • Toilets

A loose toilet, leaky faucets, or clogged drains might seem like issues that can wait. However, when toilets flush slowly or water drips from the faucet, you could face expensive water bills or backups in your septic or sewer lines.

#7 Test Your Sprinkler System

If you rely on sprinkler systems to water your lawn, you should examine the sprinkler heads, plumbing connections, and control handles to ensure everything works properly. Get in touch with an irrigation specialist if you notice something seems off.

#8 Look for Pipe Leaks

A leaky faucet or pipe calls for an emergency plumber. Even small, seemingly insignificant leaks can wreak havoc on building structures. Plus, you likely don’t know how long the leak existed.

#9 Limit What You Flush or Drain

Drains should only transport water and dissolved soap while toilets can only flush safe waste. Limit how much toilet paper and other things go down the drains. You can eliminate small blockages with very hot water followed by vinegar and baking soda. Otherwise, schedule professional drain cleaning services to protect your drainage system.

#10 Protect Your Correctly Operating Plumbing System With Professional Maintenance

Plumbers and sewage technicians inspect your whole-house plumbing system to ensure the septic tank, water heater, and other pertinent fixtures work smoothly. They might even fix small problems like your continuously running toilet during their visits. Protect your above and underground plumbing networks to avoid smelly or hazardous surprises this summer.

Ask Superior Plumbing About More Summer Plumbing Tips

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